Happy Passover 2008: Reflections on the ACF Seder

This past weekend marked the beginning of the Jewish Festival of Passover, which commemorates God’s delivery of the Israelites from slavery by the Egyptians.

In a recent post, Kemi Ola with the Adventist Youth Blog reflects upon a Seder hosted by the Adventist Christian Fellowship, who graciously invited the Metropolitan SDA Church Youth Group to attend.

Bitter herbs, unleavened bread, and wine cease to be just parts of a ritualistic ceremony when you allow yourself to be blown away by the reality of their faith, belief and patience.” Read more >>

Seder GoodnessMany of us were touched by this experience. Most of us had never experienced a Seder, and the symbolism and tradition behind every ceremonial token was something that we all appreciated and took to heart. Read more

The Passover: A Feast of Freedom

//media.2theadvocate.comOur friends at the Houston International SDA Church cordially invite you to attend their upcoming event, “The Passover: A Feast of Freedom.” Hosted by the ACF (Adventist Christian Fellowship), it’s surely an event you don’t want to miss!

The Jewish Festival of Passover commemorates God’s delivery of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. This year, it will start on April 19.

Houston International’s pastor, Pastor Bill Cork, writes:

“On Friday, April 11, at 7:00 p.m., at Houston International, we’ll join together in a Passover Seder, exploring the rich symbolism of this Biblical festival. It’s a time to read, pray, sing and talk about the wonders God has done for his people.”

This event is a potluck event – you know how much we love those! Bring a dish and share the love. Items unique to the Passover—bitter herbs, unleavened bread, haroset, grape juice, etc. will all be provided by our friends at International.

Please drop us a line or let Pastor Cork (billcork@sbcglobal.net) if you are interested in going. We hope to see you all there!

Week of Prayer and Quarterly Lock-in – Success!

We would like to thank everyone for your support of the Metropolitan SDA Church’s Youth Week of Prayer! We had a great turn-out and met some really awesome people. We would like to thank our friends from the Southwest Region Conference and buddies from various churches in the Greater Houston Area. We would love to hear about any programs or events your youth group is hosting, so please drop us a line; we’d love to support you guys too! Read more

Youth Week of Prayer

You are invited to experience the MSDA Youth Group’s Week of Prayer, which will take place March 9-15, 2008. This year’s theme is “Just As I Am.”


Our week of prayer will follow the topic progression from “acknowledging we’re all sinners/ recognizing our spiritual state and wanting to better ourselves,” to “God will accept us just as we are,” ending with “God will mold us into something better and beautiful.” Think of it as the progression of a piece of moldable clay (we need to recognize our sinfulness and humble ourselves so we can be moldable), and the potter takes that clay the way it is, and then molds it into a beautiful pot.

We extend a warm invitation to you, your friends and your loved ones. If you would like to join us (and we really wish you would!), please contact us via our convenient online form or give us a ring at (713) 385-1843.

PARTICIPANTS: click here to read more about topics and responsibilities.

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