Hurricane Ike: Michelle’s Experience

There was buzz all around my school about how serious Hurricane Ike was going to be.

I heard that the north was going to get some of the worst of the hurricane, but I brushed this information off. It wasn’t until an announcement was made that school was going to be out the next day due to the hurricane that I decided to take this storm into consideration.

I got home from school that Thursday and my dad was stocking up on food and water. I just told myself that this hurricane is just going to take a turn before it came to us, just like Hurricane Rita. I didn’t believe anything I heard about the storm. Friday passed and my dad and I kept our eyes on the TV the whole day, listening to any signs about when it would hit us.  During the night, all of our neighbors congregated and talked about what we should expect. My friend and I were talking and saying that nothing would happen. I just kept brushing off the situation like it was nothing. As we talked, the wind got stronger and stronger, so by dark, we were all in our homes, ready for anything the storm had to throw at us. Right before my dad and I went to sleep, we prayed. We prayed for our friends and for our own safety that we would make it out of the storm with God’s help.

I went to bed that night and I woke up at around 1 AM that Saturday morning to the flickering lights in our house, and I knew the strong winds would come at any moment. I woke up every hour after that and I heard the wind whistle and that’s when I started to get a little scared. I kept praying that our 2 tall pine trees that are about 60 feet high would not fall on our house.

I woke up at 6 to look outside. To my amazement, no major damage happened. The 2 pine trees were still standing, though a part of our fence wasn’t, but that didn’t matter because God had protected us through the storm. I took a look around and saw pine needles and branches and leaves EVERYWHERE. My mom was in Vancouver at the time, so every so often, we’d get a text to see how  my dad and I were doing.

In the afternoon our neighbors were all outside helping each other clean up. My dad and I looked around the neighborhood and we saw some horrible things. There were trees on top of houses, fires, the streets were a mess, and it was pouring rain. My friend stopped by to see how I was and we went around other neighborhoods to survey all the damage done. And may I say, the street that I live on is BLESSED. No major damaged happened, and everyone is safe.

We still don’t have electricity after almost a week, but that’s ok. God is providing us with food and water.
But now I realize how much I take those things for granted. But I thank God for keeping my family, my home, and my friends safe in the storm. It was quite the experience that I will never forget because God had protected us and blessed us so much.

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