Bible Bowl 2008

Michelle on Bible Bowlby Michelle DeGracia

Bible bowl was quite the experience this year.

When Allison, Christian, and I heard that the Junior Division would be the only team representing our church, we felt a lot of pressure. Not to mention that there were only 3 of us and we had to finish reading about 7 books and comprehend and understand what we were reading. But despite these things, we knew that there was nothing more important than reading the word of God.

It was challenging for me to comprehend and focus on what I was reading, but I still kept trying. Read more

Reflections on “Operation Global Rain” 2008

by Agui Cuaresma

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Why Do YOU Like MSDA Lock-Ins?

Why Do YOU Like Youth Lock-Ins?

“The youth lock in was unbelievably fun and a definite success. We had all the essentialsApples to Apples and other board games, girls cooking AMAZING food (Thanks Jill, Jennye, Ellen and all your little helpers), and boys with their video games, but we also did a number of new things. A few of us stayed up till the sun came up, a major feat in itself as our last record of staying up was held at Jennye’s house at the inconceivable time of 5:30. Talking and just learning more about each other, we just didn’t want to go to bed. Read more