“My Life, My Love, My All” – Youth Day 2009

This weekend, MetSDA will be having their Youth Day beginning 7pm Friday, and continuing the next day at 9:30am Saturday. We’re inviting everyone around the Houston and surrounding areas to join us as we celebrate and share God’s blessings and love that He continually bestows. Our topic is “My Life, My Love, My All,” and centers around the scripture found in Matthew 22:36-39.

Pulling from discussions a lot of youth are talking about in today’s world, plus some themes found in the popular movie “Fireproof,” we will seek answers to the following questions:

On Friday night, the discussion will center on “How God showed/shows us His love, and His command on how to love,” followed by a sermon wrap-up by our guest speaker for the weekend, Pastor Edrey Santos.

For Sabbath, we continue with our theme of “Love” with Pastor Santos. As usual, potluck will be provided. The fun will continue on 2pm Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day, and will be filled with games, food, and fellowship. Come out… be blessed… reunite with old friends and make some new ones as well. Hope to see you guys there!


Not Just a Bible Study!

The newest edition to our youth curriculum is lovingly called Faithbook. Funny enough, the term Faithbook has evolved to mean a handful of things to us. But first – the beginning. Richard introduced to us the concept of a youth Bible study using a prayer journal. The youth leaders take turns providing a passage of scripture as a topic for the night. We utilize the R.E.A.P. method to analyze the passage. Here is the broken down acronym:

RRead and write down the scripture
EExamine the text. What is happening? Who is speaking?
AApply the text to your life.
PPray. Write out a prayer that’s honest and real.

Praying with the people you love is the best way to grow as a person AND as a youth group, as Richard shows us here

Praying with the people you love is the best way to grow as a person AND as a youth group, as Richard shows us

We are given time to write in our journals (Faithbooks) and discuss the topic. However, the option to share your entry is optional. Privacy with the Lord is respected. The purpose of our Faithbooks are to encourage the youth to delve into the Word for guidance in ALL aspects of their lives and to draw closer to Christ and be able to claim a personal relationship with Him.

Today, not only do we call our jounals “Faithbooks,” We also call this youth worship time as “Faithbook.” We also use it as a verb, as in, “What time are we gonna Faithbook?” Use all three in a sentence and you get “Don’t forget to bring your Faithbooks to Faithbook so we can Faithbook.” It’s been a blessing for our youth in so many ways. I look forward to it every week.

- Jennye Baysa