Reflections on “Operation Global Rain” 2008

by Agui Cuaresma

The Operation Global Rain or otherwise known as the World Wide Week of Prayer was a great up-lifting experience for me. As my second year to attend the gathering, from May 1st to May 10th, each night my friends and family-myself included worshipped and prayed for the pouring of the Holy Spirit unto us. Speaking as a student, my weekday is filled with school, school, and more school and waiting till the Sabbath Day to come, but the Week of Prayer was an awakening for me. It brought inspiration and a feeling of comfort because of all the stress from school, those 10 days made me feel relaxed. Touched by God’s Word, it showed me that our troubles and problems are “only temporary” but the Holy Spirit is eternal. This special event to me is a new tradition in my life and memories that will last forever.


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